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Are you in search of an affordable and reliable fence company in Rochester, NY? Your quest ends here with Rochester Fencing Company—your trusted fencing contractor in Rochester, New York, dedicated to delivering premium and cost-effective farm fencing solutions. Whether you require a brand-new fence installation or enhancements to your current one, count on us. We specialize in high-quality farm fencing that meets the diverse needs of both residential properties and new farms.

Our expert team is skilled in installing and maintaining a variety of fencing types, including durable wood farm fences ideal for horses and cattle, as well as low-maintenance aluminum fences perfect for safeguarding smaller pets. We understand the importance of safeguarding your livestock and providing secure, lasting solutions to keep your animals protected. Our commitment extends throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas, ensuring that every farm fence need is met with the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship.

Opt for excellence in local fencing contractor services with Rochester Fencing Company, “Where Quality Meets Security”. We are committed to offering installations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last, ensuring that every property is well-protected and every enclosure maintains its integrity over time. Trust us to be your installer of choice for quality farm fencing that combines security, functionality, and style.

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Our Comprehensive Farm Fencing Services

Rochester Post and Rail Fence Service

Rail Fencing

Farm rail fences, also known as ranch-style or split rail fences, are iconic in rural landscapes. Composed of sturdy horizontal wooden or vinyl rails, they offer a rustic and open design. Farm rail fences are widely used on farms and rural properties to define boundaries, enclose livestock, or simply add a charming touch to the landscape. Their simplicity and durability make them a practical choice for maintaining property lines and creating an authentic country atmosphere.

Rochester Barbed Wire Fencing Service

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fences are a cost-effective and practical choice for securing large areas of farmland and ranches. Consisting of wire strands with barbs at intervals, they deter livestock and wildlife from crossing while keeping property boundaries clear. Barbed wire fences are commonly used in agricultural settings to enclose pastures and protect crops. Their low cost and durability make them an efficient solution for maintaining a safe and secure farm environment.

Rochester Woven Wire Fencing Service

Woven Wire Fencing

Woven wire fences are essential for protecting crops and livestock in agricultural settings. Composed of strong wire strands woven into a grid pattern, they create a sturdy barrier. These fences are particularly useful for keeping out small animals and predators while providing a secure enclosure for farm animals. They offer both durability and visibility, making them a practical choice for farms and ranches. Farm woven wire fences ensure the safety of livestock and the preservation of valuable agricultural assets.

Rochester Heavy Duty Chain Link

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are a versatile and durable choice for agricultural properties. Constructed from interwoven metal wires, they offer security and visibility. These fences are commonly used to enclose large areas, protect livestock, and secure farm equipment. They provide a cost-effective solution that stands up to the demands of farming while ensuring property boundaries are well-defined. Farm chain link fences are ideal for farmers seeking a reliable and low-maintenance fencing option.

Rochester Cable Wire Fence

Cable Wire Fences

Cable wire fences are a robust choice for agricultural properties, designed to enhance security and containment. Comprising multiple steel cables, they form a sturdy barrier to keep livestock safe and deter intruders. These fences are commonly used in rural settings to create pens, enclosures, and controlled access areas. Their resilience and low maintenance make them a practical choice for farmers seeking dependable solutions to protect their livestock and property. Farm cable wire fences offer strength and longevity to meet the demands of agriculture.


Rochester's No. 1 Fencing Company

With over 10 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, Rochester Fencing Company proudly stands as a trusted pillar in the Rochester, NY community. Our journey began a decade ago, and since then, we have continuously set the standard for exceptional fencing services in the region.

As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the unique needs and preferences of our fellow Rochesterians. Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our dedication to quality craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and lasting relationships. We offer economical and durable materials that provide the protection you need while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

At Rochester Fencing Company, we’ve honed our skills to perfection, offering a wide range of fencing options tailored to your specific requirements through personalized consultations. Whether it’s safeguarding your property, enhancing its aesthetics, or simply defining your space, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Our installation services are designed to meet the needs of all clients, including those looking to protect livestock and crops with privacy and security.

Our commitment to our community is unwavering, and our experience is unmatched. When you choose Rochester Fencing Company, you’re not just getting a fence; you’re investing in a tradition of excellence that has proudly served Rochester for more than a decade. Join us in securing your future with a fence built to withstand the test of time.


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What Our Clients Say

“The installation was quick, and it provides the security I needed. Overall, I’m very happy with my choice.”

Ed Scott
Galvanized Chain-Link - Joseph Ave., Rochester, NY

“The wood quality is great, and it adds a rustic charm to my place. The installation was well-done, and it perfectly defines my boundary. Very satisfied with my wooden rail fence.”

Robert Jackson
Rail Fencing - Cobbs Hill, Rochester. NY

“The fence is strong and provides the containment I was looking for. The installation went smoothly, and I’m satisfied with the results.”

Andrew Green
Cable Wire Fencing - Charlotte, Rochester, NY

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